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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Quite good

I would recommend you better kick sample. This one's pretty weak for Uplifting and Classic Trance. I would use this one to Minimal House or whatever Progressive like. Anyway, the sound isn't so bad, but there's still that black space wich can be filled with percussion, plucks and other stuff like that. Changing the bass is another thing I don't hear here. The same thing over and over again... getting little boring.

Here are some suggestions for you:
Get Vengeance Essential sound sets. These will get you started pretty much.
Get Izotope Ozone 3. The BEST thing you can use for mastering you mix. I use it too. Instead of Ozone 3 you can use also Maximus in new FL Studio. You can ask me whatever you need via PM. Take care


PS: Listen to ASOT show, to know what's going on in Trance world. This sounds quite oldschool aswell.

Jebbal responds:

There were two kick samples used for the song, you probably mean the one that comes in at 1:28? Its not as powerful as the other used in the intro but I thought it well suited. As for the bass, I'm not sure if you mean changing the bassline or changing the way the bass sounds. As with the kick, only two bass sounds were used. And yes the bassline remains the same from 1:28 until it cuts out at the end. Repetitive, I know ;) But I said don't complain! lol

I actually do have VEC1 and VEC2 which were both used here. Apparently there's a third one out now? I'll look into that. I'll look into the Ozone as well.

Thanks for the long and helpful review!

B0UNC3 remix - Snakeman - B0UNC3 remix - Snakeman -

Rated 4 / 5 stars

okay well

I must say, this is the best thing I heard here on NG so far. I would like to know where you made the bassa cuz it sounds like Virus TI. Using so much supersaw synths is however not a good idea.
1:07 This is cool breakdown. This would be a good Trance, but you killed it with high tempo and short play time. I would expect som break after 1:07 and then build and rise some awesome melody.

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Misdirected (Breakbeat_05:09) Misdirected (Breakbeat_05:09)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Introduce more groove next time

Spend more time choosing samples for your tune, this is totally ungroovy. Kick must corespond with bass, clap and hats. In the end it's quite boring.
If it's dance, why do you have broken beat in there? Breakbeat would be better.

RNNR responds:

Well, the song does say 'Breakbeat' in the title =P, and as there's no 'Breakbeat' genre to upload, I thought the best fitting would be 'Dance', since that's the most general of the possible genres. Drum and Bass comes the closest, but this isn't DnB, so that's out.
But I'm not too nitpicky about that, I just upload it somewhere to where I think it fits the most.

Thanks for the comment, though.